Monday, September 01, 2008

Wafer sheets

If you have ever been in Eastern Europe you have probably seen a dessert made with wafer sheets. In Bosnia and Herzegovina cake made with wafer sheets is called oblande.

Oblande can be filled with different kind of creams and pastes, there are endless combinations. This is a cake that let you be creative as much as you want. The most traditional filling is made of dried figs and walnuts which have been mixed with cooked cream made of sugar, milk and butter.

Well, I had a can of dulce de leche at you see where I am going here? I added 200gr ground walnuts and 200 grams finely diced dried figs. As simple as that is this delicious dessert. And it looks quite cool as well.

I used only 4 wafer sheets, there are usually 5 in the package. Here in Germany (I am back in Europe) you can find these wafer sheets in Turkish food stores.

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