Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Favorite bakery in Munich

Hofpfisterei is my favourite bakery here in Munich. They make amazing breads, sweet breads, danishes, cookies...just name it. All bread is organic sourdough and they have so many variates. My favourite  bread is called '1331', a blend of rye and wheat. But to be honest I love them all.
And their poppy seed streusel and hazelnut-braid, oh my oh my, addiction for ever and ever.


jasna varcakovic said...

Hi, I enjoyed reading and exploring your blog. I hope you'll post some new recipes soon.

Mila said...

Hi Jasna,

thanks a lot for your comment! I do have so many recipes and so many things to write about but SO little time.
However, I am now making a promise that I will publish one post a month starting mid August.
Thank you again for your comment, very sweet of you!