Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Bavaria (south-east region in Germany) is the kingdom of schnitzels. And right now I happen to live in this kingdom of schnitzels. They are everywhere, meat in general for that matter. Schnitzel is originally from Austria and Bavaria used to cover part of Austria, so I guess the schnitzel tradition came along as well.

Original Vienna schnitzel is made of veal but these days they can be made of pork or chicken as well. When made of pork Germans do not call them Vienna schnitzel but "Viennese style schnitzel". Fine and fair distinction.

The meat for schnitzel needs to be around 5 millimetres thick, then it is covered in flour, dipped in beaten eggs and last in dried breadcrumbs. It is fried in lard or oil (lots of it, needs to swim in it). I fry schnitzels in clarified butte and it works like a charm. 

Schnitzels are usually eaten with potato salad and some lemon juice is squeezed on top of the schnitzel. Austrian version adds also some lingonberry as well (just like Swedish meatballs). When it comes to the Bavarian potate salad it really has become my favourite potato salad. It is creamy but has no mayonnaise or some other diary product, wonderful. Recipe coming soon!

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