Friday, September 12, 2008

Moon cakes

This year Mid Autumn festival starts 14 of September and although I am not in China anymore I have been celebrating by baking moon cakes. Finally my moon cake molds came to use!

I found the recipe for the moon cake skin on this wonderful food blog from Hong Kong. The only ingredient I was not able to find was alkaline water. But after googling a bit more I found here that you can substitute alkaline water with baking soda mixed with water.

So I did that, and moon cake skin turned our looking really great, the taste was great, but it was not soft as it should be. Maybe because my moon cake skin was a bit thicker than usually or alkaline water is the one that makes magic. I will definitely test again when I find alkaline water.

When it comes to the filling, I knew already that I wanted to make moon cakes filled with Nutella. However, a thought of Nutella leaking out of the moon cakes when in oven discouraged me completely from even trying. And filling that holds shape when in oven is very important if you want your moon cakes to look cute with prints.

But then I found this recipe for homemade Nutella. I wanted Nutella but it had to be firm, so I added ground hazelnuts and got a paste that could hold shape. And it did taste like Nutella!

Last but not least, moon cake molds...they are brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, so easy to use and result was amazing.


Jun said...

May I know how you shape it into ball? Can I directly put Nutella...

Mila said...

Hi Jun,

here is how I did. Make a flat dough disc, take a spoon of the filling and form it as a ball, then put it in the middle of the dough disc and enclose completely with the dough.
I have not used pure Nutella as I believe it would melt in the oven and the moon-cake would not hold its form. Good luck!