Monday, August 25, 2008

Goat vs. goat

There is only one thing I like about goats, their milk. But otherwise I dislike goats, they are strange creatures...they can run fast, some have horns, they can jump very high...all that puts them in my category of "unpredictable animals to stay away from". As a child I was very afraid of them, and today I just like their milk.

These days there are many diary products made of goat milk, especially many cheeses and spreads. However goat milk is also used to make sweets. One I have mentioned before, Cajeta, the Mexican caramel spread made of goat milk. I like it a lot, goat milk taste is very strong but caramel is there too, mmmmm

New favourite is goat milk chocolate! The one I tried is organic and made in Austria. The texture and color is exactly like cow milk chocolate, but taste is goat milk. It is not strong in taste as Cajeta, there is only a mild goat milk taste at the end. Goatlicious!

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