Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Moon cake molds

I found them, the moon cake molds! Not traditional ones made of wood (second picture), but for now these plastic ones will do just fine. I call them Shanghainese-style moon cake molds, they represent something traditional but with a modern touch, just as Shanghai does.

These wonderful square and round molds come with 8 different prints each. I still do not know what all of them mean but I am working on it. There were two different sizes, big and small, but I chose to buy the small ones. I like the idea of cookie-size moon cakes. And can you imagine green-tea cookies with one of those wonderful characters?

I already have zillion ideas for the filling (yes one of them is Nutella!) and now the only thing I need is a good recipe for a moon cake dough. Mid-Autumn festival 2008 here we come!


Janelle said...

Hi Mila! Where did you buy these cool molds?


Mila said...

Hi Janelle!
I bought them in Shanghai at a store called HEC that is located at Aomen Lu...here is their webpage: http://www.hec.com.cn/english/