Thursday, April 03, 2008

Lamb and mutton in China

When I think of lamb and mutton I think of UK. British know their lamb! Before coming to China I never thought of lamb and mutton as a part of Chines cuisine. But oh was I wrong! In the very west part of China there is a small minority of Uyghur people and they have contributed to the Chinese cuisine with excellent lamb and mutton dishes.

Here in Shanghai there are many Uyghur restaurants. Usually outside the restaurant there is a huge barbecue where you can buy "take away" lamb skewers (picture). Lamb skewers are seasoned with some kind of special spice, but cumin and chili powder are dominating. I cannot even explain how tasty they are.

And on the menu you can find all kind of mutton, lamb, beef and chicken dishes. Below you can see some of them.

 Lamb skewers - outside the restaurant you can buy skewers that are mixture of meat and fat. Lamb fat is very tasty. But inside the restaurant you can order lean skewers with almost no fat at all. I like better fatty ones.

Pan fried lamb with naan bread and sesame...very very very delicious!

Mutton buns

Minced lamb with some vegetables eaten with thin pancakes.

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