Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Sponge pudding what?

When English is not your mother tongue and if you have never lived in an English speaking country you usually know only one meaning of a word. More over you never speak (or write) without mistakes, sometimes what you say makes no sense and you always make grammatical mistakes. Something like English on this blog.

If I now go back to: " usually know only one meaning of a word...". Well can you imagine my reaction when I saw a can that said "Spotted Dick" on a bakery shelf in a western-food supermarket here in Shanghai, haha? I could not believe it, but I bought it. Here you can read about the unusual name of this sponge pudding.

I wonder if Heinz had any difficulties in exporting this pudding to China because of its name. And can you find it in Saudi-Arabia? Poland? And what about kosher version? Can you serve it on Christmas Dinner? Who would say that a simple sponge pudding could be so controversial? Or is it just my own prejudice? But I am almost sure that Heinz has some really good stories, if they could only share with us!

When it comes to the pudding it self, it was very tasty for being food in a can.

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