Saturday, April 05, 2008

Green tea cakes and cookies

Chinese were the first to start drinking tea, thousands and thousands years ago. There are excellent tea sorts that you can buy here, but you can also find many many different kinds of cakes and cookies made with green tea powder. I do not know how much Chines powder tea is similar to Japanese matcha but recently I bought both of them and will test.

Below you can see some of the green tea goodies you can find here in Shanghai. Almost all of them have red beans as well, and I understand why because they are really a match!

Green tea roulade with red beans. This is a VERY moist roulade I have ever eaten, it is really amazing.

Puff with green tea custard. I am not big fan of puffs but the green tea custard was excellent.


Chocolate puff with crispy top and green tea custard.

Sweet green tea tofu with red beans. This is one of my favourites.

Cookies with green tea and currants.

Matcha latte

Green tea bread with red beans.

Green tea layer cake. Between layers there is some kind of cream with red bean pieces. The cake is incredibly moist.

Green tea bun filled with red bean paste.

Green tea tiramisu served with red bean paste. Even thought not made with savoiardi it was EXTREMELY delicious, want a recipe now!

Green tea "marble" cake.

Green tea brownie with whole red beans. Was a bit too dry for a brownie but the taste was great.

Green tea madeleines.

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