Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dulce de cacahuate

This is one of my favourite Mexican candies, dulce de cacahuate, peanut candy. In Mexico this style of candy is called mazapan, as in marzipan, but it does not remind of the type of marzipan I know (almond marzipan).

The texture of this peanut candy is really different and interesting. It is kind of dry, crumbles very easy but when you eat it, it just melts.

But what I wonder is, how do you make peanuts like powder without making butter? I do not know, but will come back to it when I find out. And eventually I will, because I cannot imagine it can be that hard to make this candy by your self. The ingredient list on the back says: peanuts, sugar and artificial flavour. Last one being the reason why I want to make it my self.

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Anonymous said...

I just adore this stuff! Found some at the 99 cent store (a package of like 8) I'm 36, live in Los Angeles, and I've enjoyed this since I discovered it at Alvaro Street at age 7.