Monday, April 28, 2008

Peking Duck

When visiting Beijing one of the must-things-to-do (as must as the Great Wall visit) is to eat Peking Duck. This special way of preparing duck is over 700 years old and not much has changed until today. At some restaurants in Beijing you can even see a part of the preparation, like how the duck is roasted in a special oven.
When you order a duck in a restaurant you always get to see it and check if you like it. If you think it looks good (do not know what you really need to look for) it will be sliced and served for you.
The duck is served with steamed pancakes, sauce, onion, cucumber, radish, pickled vegetables, sugar and garlic. If you have never eaten Peking Duck before the stuff will demonstrate how you should do. Here comes a small summary.

First the skin dipped in sugar and garlic is eaten. And this combination is VERY delicious, sugar and garlic balance the fattiness of the skin.

Later you continue with mixing meat with sauce, onion, radish, cucumber and wrapping it in the pancake. Again, very very VERY delicious. The pickled vegetables are left for the end to refresh your taste buds.

The head of the duck was also served on a separate plate, but as we didn't try it no review on that one.

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