Sunday, July 13, 2008

Street markets in Shanghai

There are quite few street markets in Shanghai and sometimes when walking around they emerge out of nowhere. They are usually spread over a block or two, and you can find just about anything. You can say they are shopping malls spread around on the streets. But that's the only thing in common with shopping malls. Street markets have a soul, life and a character that doesn't leave you untouched and empty. A street market in Shanghai is all about people and their everyday lives. It gives you an individual insight, which in a country with 1,3 billion people can be hard to see.
This is how food section at a street market can look like.

Green tea - there are also many tea markets, usually 3 stores buildings where you can find all kinds of tea. Chinese people also like to try their tea before buying it.

Gas cooker ready to start

Watermelons on sale

Steamed dumplings

Steamed bread buns

Steamed bread buns

Star anise, dried chillies, cassia bark and a scale.

Knife sharpening guy - wish I had him in my neighborhood.

Scallion cakes - another popular snack in Shanghai.

Sweet rice cakes

Hand pulled noodles - this is the most amazing way of making noodles. I have never seen something like it. Unfortunately I didn't manage to take pictures but luckily this guy did!

Lotus seed pods - seeds are easily picked out and eaten fresh. They are also used in sweet soups and moon cakes filled with lotus seed paste is another delicacy.

Ginger and garlic - one of the basic ingredients in Chinese cooking.

Deep fried snack


Sea food

Fried dumplings

On a street market you can also find a guy who is repairing bicycles.

Street market bakery

Turtles - house pet turtles

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