Friday, July 04, 2008

Shanghai cuisine

I have been told that Shanghai cuisine is loved by Shanghainese people, and that is Shanghainese people only. In China there are 8 recognized cuisines but Shanghai cuisine is not one of them. At least not for now. I also find Shanghai cuisine rather special. Common way of preparing food is deep-frying and use of sugar and alcohol. Which could make you think that Shanghai people are overweight and unhealthy, but no, they are not. At least they don't look that way.

Few Shanghai dishes that can often be found on menus:

Crispy chicken - deep fried pieces of bread are stir fried with chicken and celery.

Stir fried noodles

Potatoes and peppers are briefly stir fried and mixed with rice vinegar and some sugar...delicious!

Crispy duck - duck is first steamed and later pressed into a cake and fried between sheets of duck skin until crispy....extremely delicious.

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