Friday, July 11, 2008

Shanghai breakfast

Shanghai breakfast is definitely the best part of Shanghai cuisine. And probably the reason why Shanghai people are as fit as they are. Few things Shanghai people eat for breakfast:

Pan fried shengjian dumplings are sold on every corner in the mornings and when you see them freshly made you cannot pass by without having a couple.
Dumplings are filled with pork and stock. Stock has previously been cooked until it reaches jelly stage, then cut into pieces and used in the filling. Later on when dumplings are pan fried, stock melts and dumplings become the most wonderful dumplings on this planet Earth, mmmmmm....

Pao fan, or rice congee is eaten as breakfast dish. Rice is boiled in water and later stock and vegetables are added. Very simple and delicious. But being western this dish was eaten on VERY late-breakfast weekends. I can handle milk-rice in the early mornings but that's about it when it comes to rice and mornings.

Soy milk and green tea. Green tea drinking doesn't stop at breakfast. Most of the people carry a bottle of green tea with them all day long.

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