Thursday, July 24, 2008

Red wine risotto

I had red wine risotto recently and loved it. I found this recipe and only difference to the one I tried is that it doesn't have any pancetta. I thought that pancetta in the risotto I tried was really perfect addition so I added 50 grams cubed pancetta and sauteed it together with shallots.
Another thing I changed was that I added radicchio at the end of cooking as 25 minutes sounded a bit too much.

Red wine risotto
adapted from Epicurious
8 dl vegetable stock, warm
2 chopped shallots
50 gr pancetta, cubed
1 small radicchio, thinly sliced
2,5 dl risotto rice
1 dl red wine
2 tbsp butter
olive oil and some parmesan

Heat the olive oil, add shallots and pancetta and saute until golden brown. Add the rice and stire until it absorbes all fat. Add the wine and stir until absorbed by rice. Slowely add a bit of warm stock and stir until absorbed. Continue adding stock and stiring until rice becomes soft and creamy. It is important to wait until the stock is absorbed by rice before you add more stock. Add radicchio and cook until wilted. Take the risotto of the heat, add butter. Serve with parmesan on the top.

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