Friday, January 08, 2010


In the recent years Swedish knäckebröd (crispbread) has become very popular in the rest of the Europe (world?). Here in Germany you can buy it in every supermarket, there are many different variations, but like with the most things there is difference between knäckebröd and knäckebröd. Let me tell you about the true knäckebröd.

The true knäckebröd is simple, ingredient list is short, taste is nutty and a bit of butter is all you need to enjoy it. I have actually never made it my self, few people do these days as you can find great knäckebröd in most Swedish stores. And everyone has its favourite.
Some great brands worth mentioning are Pyramidbageriet, Leksands Knäckebröd and Vika Bröd. These brands can be hard to find outside of Sweden so for me the time has come to start making knäckebröd at home. Recipe coming soon!

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