Monday, August 04, 2008

Dim sum

Dim sum is one of the Chinese cuisines and it represents food that comes in small portions, usually served in small bamboo steamers. Dim sum cuisine is the part of Cantonese cuisine (Hong-Kong, Macau and southern part of mainland China). So when in Hong-Kong we went to a typical dim-sum restaurant and it was a great new experience.

After we got our table a waitress came, served us jasmine tea, gave us a sheet of paper with our table number, we made drink order and then we waited for the dum sum-lady with a trolley.

There were 3 different dim sum trolleys and they were frequently passing buy. So to order, you just stop the lady with the trolley and point or say which dishes you would like to have. We never saw a menu in English and we never asked for one, so all dishes we tried were chosen completely randomly. And random was great!

Steamed shrimp dumplings

Baked pork buns - these buns have savory pork filling but on the top they are glazed with sugar. It was a little but unusual but at the same time delicious.

Steamed lotus leaf with rice and pork filling

Rice noodle rolls filled with pork and served with some kind of sweet soy sauce.

Fried dumplings

Bean and chickpea jelly dessert

Coconut jelly

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