Saturday, July 04, 2009

Rapeseed, 2nd part

Rapeseed is continuing to grow. A month later and beautiful yellow flowers are gone but pods are much bigger. The seeds are already visible but completely green. I guess it will take some more weeks and a lot more sun to get these ready for oil pressing.

I was checking the world statistic of rapeseed production and Germany is actually at the 4th place. Speaking of statistics ¨The Food and Agriculture Organization¨ of the United Nations keeps statistics of worlds commodity production. You can search by commodity, country, is quite addictive!

This is top 10 worlds commodity production in 2007:

1. cow milk
2. rice
3. cattle meat
4. pig meat
5. chicken meat
6. wheat
7. hen eggs
8. soybeans
9. buffalo milk
10. vegetables

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