Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mango Mexican way

Mango seasoned with salt, chili and lime is typical street food in Mexico. Whole mango is peeled and often cut to look like a flower, seasoned and sold on a stick.
Incredibly delicious, but as it is a bit tricky to eat whole mango on a stick I decided to cut it in cubes for this homemade version.

Cut each side around the mango bone so that you have two nice mango halves. Now cut cubes in each side, try not to cut through the skin. Flip the mango inside out, and you will have cubes out.

Peel of the cubes and put them in a bowl. Cut the mango flesh around the bone and add it to the mango cubes. Squeeze some lime juice over, sprinkle with some salt and chili powder.

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