Sunday, June 15, 2008

Starch balls

I bought these starch balls in Taiwan because I thought they were different from sago pearls and that they had taste. Well they don't. They look pretty and all, just like sago pearls do, but no taste at all. Starch balls differ from sago pearls in the way they look because they are made of tapioca starch, sweet potatoe starch and caramel colour and they dissolve completely if you put them in cold water (did it). They need to be put in already boiling water and after about 40 minutes they will turn all translucent and cute. But no taste, they look nice as decoration though.

This simple but very cute looking dessert has following ingredients: a bag of powder vanilla pudding, a bag of lemon jelly, boiled starch balls and some unflavoured gelatine.

First I boiled some starch balls and mixed them with a bit of warm water with unflavoured gelatine. I poured them in molds and I let them sit for a couple of hours. Then I made vanilla pudding and jelly, I let them cool a bit so that they would not melt the gelatine that is holding together the starch balls and when they were a bit cooler I pour them over starch balls. Very simple and very cute dessert.

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