Friday, June 27, 2008

Portuguese egg tarts

Shanghainese people are absolutely mad about Portuguese egg tarts. You can basically buy them in every corner in Shanghai. I really didn't know about these little tarts before coming here (have not been to Portugal yet), so you can wonder how Shanghainese people know about them.

Well, Portugal used to have a colony on the south east coast of China, a place called Macau. So from Macau these little tarts have spread around in China and neighboring countries. There are different version but all of them resemble similar tart: pastry filled with egg "custard". And oh are they delicious! The dough is similar to puff pastry and custard is similar to creme brule but it is not quite the same. They just taste wonderful!

So in Macau there is a cafe called "Margaret's Cafe and Nata" that is famous for these little tarts. And I can totally understand why, so it is definitely a 'has to visit' place when in Macau.

And the best thing was that couple of days later I bought food magazine called "Food and Travel" and guess which recipe was futered? YES, recipe for Portugese tarts! Cannot wait to try it!

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