Saturday, May 10, 2008

THE sweetest museum

I have visited the sweetest is called Taiwan Nougat Museum. Yes, it is a museum in Taipei dedicated to nougat!

The museum is situated in the nougat factory it self and if you are lucky enough (I wasn't) your visit will be at the same time when there is a factory tour that includes "do-it-yourself" activities. I only got to see the nougat museum and the shop that is attached to it.

Production of nougat started in 1956, after it was introduced from Hong-Kong by Ms Chiu Peng Yu-Ho. In the museum, which is very small and free of charge, you can see a nougat production line that is from way back in time.

You can also see the world's biggest piece of nougat (according to Lonely Planet) and it is all covered in gold. The staff didn't speak English so I never found out if it really was nougat or just a big piece of plastic.

The factory also makes other types of cookies, like Chinese wedding cookies and different types of western cookies. The package of the wedding cookie below says: "It is difficult to know at what moment love begins; it is less difficult to know that it has begun". Sweet!

There is also a room dedicated to all different types of typical Chinese cake molds, like cake molds for moon cakes. An entire wall was covered with those, looked really beautiful!

Last but not least, I bought some nougat in the shop and it was chewy and sweet as nougat should be. What was new to me was that it is made with peanuts. I liked it!

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