Thursday, May 22, 2008

At a market in Shanghai

I love food markets. I can easily spend hours walking around and exploring. Especially when you are not familiar with many of the things sold there, like here in Shanghai.
Food markets here are just amazing, you can find just about anything. They are very similar to the markets in south of Europe in the way that it is all about seasonal and local. Below you can see just a few of the things you can find at a Shanghainese market.

It looks like cheese but is not. It is all kinds of shapes, textures, colors and sizes.

However a warning must be issued for the "stinky tofu". It is a tofu that is fermented in some kind of special brine which makes it smell worse than rotten. I cannot even explain how bad it smells. It is usually sold on streets deep fried. The name it self "stinky tofu" is a direct translation from Chinese.

All kinds of cucumbers.

All kinds of clams.

Chinese aubergine is thin and it has very delicate meat. The skin is very thin so you do not need to peel it.

All kinds of bean sprouts.

Noodle "factory" at the market. This reminds me of small tortilla "factories" you can find at Mexican markets.

Yes these frogs are very alive. Sold both at markets and supermarkets.

Same applies for turtles. Just minutes after this picture was taken a guy behind the counter slaughtered one with a pair of scissors. Looked VERY cruel.

All kinds of shrimps.

Fresh bamboo shoots.

Red beans, mung beans, lotus seeds, corn seeds, jujube dates, rice, sesame, flour, soy beans, peanuts, dried longan...just name it!

Ground black sesame is used for cakes, cookies.

Jelly fish...

Pork is the most consumed meat in China.

Another creature of the sea...sea cucumber.

Lotus root.


Water chestnut, peeled and unpeeled. Note the perfectly arranged pak-choy in the right corner.

Mushroom with a funny name: chicken feet mushroom.

Vegetables. Note the VERY long green beans next to the tomatoes.

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