Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Semolina soup dumplings

These soup dumplings were one of my favourite food when I was a kid, but I cannot remember when I ate them last. Luckily they are very popular in this part of Europe so I have kind of rediscovered them.

Something that was complete new to me was that here in Germany these dumplings can even be prepared as a dessert. I just bought some buckwheat semolina and will definitely give it a try.

Semolina soup dumplings
serves 4
2,5 tbsp soft butter
1 egg
1 dl semolina (I used kamut semolina)
pinch of fresh grated nutmeg
1/2 tsp salt
1,5-2 litres chicken soup
finely sliced chives

Beat the butter until creamy, add egg and beat well. Add semolina, salt and nutmeg. Blend well and let rest 20 minutes.

Boil the chicken soup and take off the heat. To shape dumplings take 2 teaspoons, put some dough in the spoon that is in your right hand (if you are right handed). Slide it off on to the empty spoon and you will get one semi-fine side (picture 2 and 3, first row).

Now with your right hand spoon slide of the dough again (picture 1, second row). Turn your hand and slide off the dumpling on to the left spoon (picture 2, second row) and your dumpling is ready (picture 3, second row). The dough is enough for 16 dumplings.
Slide the dumplings into the hot chicken soup. When all dumplings are done put the saucepan back on the cooker and cook on the low heat for about 20 minutes. The dumplings double in size so make sure the saucepan is big enough. Pour the dumplings into individual bowls, sprinkle some chives and serve.

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