Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Drinking chocolate from Schwarzwald (Black Forest)

Schwarzwald is a low-mountain range situated in the southwestern part of Germany. It is probably one of the most famous parts of Germany thanks to its beautiful nature and quite few very famous products that come from Schwarzwald:

Cuckoo clocks...once I had a neighbour who was in a bad mood when the hour struck and the bird started cuckooing. The bird never cuckooed again.

Kirschwasser....brandy made of cherries, 42% cherry brandy that is.

Black Forest cake...cherries, chocolate, whipped cream and cherry brandy, d e l i c i o u s!

Black Forest ham. This is my favourite smoked ham. If you ask me it is so much better than prosciutto and serrano.

Rottweiler dog breed is named after a small town in Schwarzwald called Rottweil.

If I now go back to the cherry brandy. What do you get if you add some chocolate and a spoon? You get drinking chocolate from Schwarzwald.

This very creative drinking chocolate is made by Schwarzwälder Genusswerkstatt , roughly translated to "Indulgence workshop of Black Forest".
It comes with a spoon, a capsule filled with cherry brandy and a huge cube of chocolate (58%). All you need is to put it in the hot milk, wait until chocolate melts, squeeze out the brandy and you got your own drinking chocolate from the Black Forest...I like a lot!

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