Thursday, October 16, 2008


City of Munich is very famous for its annual Oktoberfest. Although it did not start as a beer festival, almost 200 years ago, today the festival is all about beer.
There are 6 big breweries and each have huge tents where beer in 1 litre mugs is served, gigantic!

On the same day as the Oktoberfest starts there is a parade of all breweries and other companies that take part in the Oktoberfest.

The next most important thing to the beer is of course the food. Typical Bavarian food like, sausages, schnitzels, pretzels, knödels, grilled chicken, roast pork...can also be found in the beer tents. Outside the the tents, that covers a huge area, you can buy even more food, but no 1 litre mug beer. On the right picture below is ox-roast with fried onions.

One important thing to remember is that although it is called Oktoberfest, these days it starts mid September and lasts for 16 days.

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