Tuesday, January 29, 2008


It is kumquat season and is raining kumquats here. I love it, am totally obsessed. Kumquat is native to China and it is a very much appreciate fruit, especially during the Chinese New Year as it symbolizes "prosperity". Small kumquat plants are sold on the markets and are used as decoration during the New Year celebration.

The fresh kumquat it self is delicious, but it can do magic when used in cooking. In this recipe I mixed candied kumquat with amaranth (another obsession of mine) and white chocolate. So simple but so fantastic! First you need to candied kumquats, which is very simple but takes time as the kumquats need to dry for about 2 days after they have been cooked. I did not use lots of sugar as the white chocolate is quite sweet.

Candied kumquats
10 kumquats
2 dl water
0,5 dl sugar

Wash and then slice kumquat. Discard the seeds. Heat the water and sugar, add sliced kumquat and simmer 20 - 30 minutes. Spread kumquat over baking paper and let it air-dry for a day or two.

Candied kumquat and amaranth

Melt some white chocolate (be careful as white chocolate does not like it too hot), add candied kumquat and popped amaranth. Shape it nicely, decorate with some more candied kumquat and let cool.

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