Monday, May 21, 2007

Blog Quesadillas

Being food-blog reader for some time I thought it was time for me to make some contribution as well. So inspired by all of you wonderful food bloggers out there I will be sharing my love for cooking, baking and eating on this blog.

Despite the name of my blog “Blog Quesadillas” I my self am not Mexican but my boyfriend is, and I have been living in Mexico as well. It was my wonderful boyfriend who came up with the name as he knows that Quesadillas are my top favourite there you go, perfect name for my blog. Delicious Mexican cuisine will be part of this blog but you can definitely expect quite international food-blogging here at "Blog Quesadillas".


1 comment:

J said...


I am so lucky to be the first one to post a comment in your blog.

I have been a witness of your passion for food and cooking and I know your recipes will make many food lovers happy as they have made me.

I wish you the best for the blog.

Happy bloging!!!!